Research Papers

Changing Oral Contraceptives from Prescription to Over-the-Counter Status: An Opinion Statement of the Women’s Health Practice and Research Network of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy

Addressing the issue of unintended pregnancy is a national priority. One proposed strategy to reduce unintended pregnancy is to improve access to oral contraceptives by changing them to over-the-cou

Alicia Forinas, Shareen Y. El-Ibiary, Nicole M. Lodise Lodise, Sarah McBane., Sarah McBane, Mitzi Wasik, Sally Rafie, Jennifer McIntosh
01 Jan 2011

Silencing of Voice: An Act of Structural Violence

This article reports some of the preliminary findings of an ongoing participatory research study exploring the provision of health and social services for urban Aboriginal communities in the Okanagan

Donna L. M. Kurtz, Jessie C. Nyberg, Susan Van Den Tillaart, Buffy Mills, The Okanagan Urban Aboriginal Health Research Collective (OUAHRC)
01 Jan 2008

Mental Health Research in India

The monograph presents a series of studies that were carried out, these include studies of phenomenology, natural history and outcome of psychiatric disorders, Acute psychosis, Schizophrenia, Depressi

Bela Shah, Rashmi Parhee, Narender Kumar, Tripti Khanna, Ravinder Singh
01 Jan 2010

People Speak

Gender: Mainstreaming it in Medical Education An Interview with Dr. Sundari Ravindran

TK Sundari Ravindran has a PhD in Applied Economics and is currently professor at the Achutha Menon Centre for Health Science Studies,

Dr. Sundari Ravindran

In the interview with Dr. Sundari Ravindran talks about the present status of our healthcare system and focuses the importance of gender sensitive medical services. She also discusses about her own experience and highlights the gaps in understandings among medical professionals in regard to gender issues in medicine.

GME Situation Analysis

Integrating Gender in Medical Education

How does medical education respond to gender issues? Is it responsive and sensitive to women 's health concerns? How do subordinate-dominant relations based on caste/class/race/ethnicity and gender

Amruta Bavadekar, Padma Bhate-Deosthali, Sangeeta Rege
01 Apr 2017

Other Papers

The Gap Report

Ending the AIDS epidemic—four words that hold such hope and promise. Four words that represent more than 30 years of devastation, struggle and loss. The AIDS epidemic brought the world to its knees

01 Jan 2010

Harmful Traditional Practices Affecting the Health of Women and Children

The harmful traditional practices identified in this Fact Sheet are categorized as separate issues; however, they are all consequences of the value placed on women and the girl child by society. They

United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner
01 Jan 1979



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