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How watching porn can cause erectile dysfunction

An international study found that the percentage of men below 40 who suffer erectile dysfunction has skyrocketed in the last 15 years, from between 2% and 5% to 30%. Read more

Minnesota Schools Adopt Transgender Toolkit for Kindergartners

A "transgender toolkit" for public schools in Minnesota advises teachers to call children "scholars" instead of boys and girls. Read more

Steps to improve medical education discussed

Punjab Additional Chief Secretary Shamail Ahmad Khawaja presided over a meeting of the special committee for further improvement and transparency of examination system in public and private medical colleges at Civil Secretariat on Thursday. Read more

Shortage of eligible men has left women taking desperate steps to preserve their fertility, experts

The first global study into egg freezing found that shortages of eligible men were the prime reason why women had attempted to take matters into their own hands. Read more

Vietnam struggles with gender imbalance

The sex ratio at birth has risen in 45 provinces and cities a year after the plan to control gender imbalance for 2016-2025 period was agreed, announced the General Office of Population and Family Planning before World Population Day on July 11. Read more

Gender and Disability in Chinese Higher Ed

While the number of students admitted into higher education in China reached 6.85 million by 2012, only 8,363 people with disabilities were admitted that year. Read more

Discussion on gender mainstreaming in university curricula

A symposium entitled ‘Gender mainstreaming in university curricula’ was recent­ly organised by the Uni­ver­sity of Malta’s Gender Issues Committee (GIC). Read more

Too Many Doctors Are Failing LGBTQ Patients. Medical Schools Want to Change That

You can’t deliver proper care to a patient you don’t truly see. Too often, medical providers aren’t even taught how to look at sexual and gender minority patients. Read more

Transgender student wins appeal in final week of school

A federal appeals court says a transgender student who identifies as a male should be able to use the boys’ bathroom at his Wisconsin high school. Read more

Tamil Nadu, once a pioneering state for welfare of transgenders, now shuns the third gender

The Transgender Welfare Board sign at the office on Patel street in Perambur has been taken down, and the flat now serves as Jeeva’s home and office. If one wants to visit the board, the members are absent, but anyone who wants to know the state of affair of the board meets the director of social welfare, who now functions as the entire board. Read more



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