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TOI-8/5/19: '2 Finger Virginity Test’ to be erased from Maharashtra syllabus

Padma Bhate-Deosthali from the Centre for Enquiry into Health (CEHAT), along with the Directorate of Medical Education (DMER) and MUHS, has recently worked on modules to bring in gender perspective to medical education, said recent forensic medicine textbooks have started talking about how the test is illegal. Read more

CEHAT and GMC Case Study Award Covered by the Times of India

GMCH module on gender perspective wins top award. Read more

Award for "Stories of Change- Case Study Challenge" 2018-2019.

Azim Premji University Awards Read more

"Stories of Change - Case Study Challenge" - Presenting our second runner-up of the 2018 -19 edition

Stories of Change 2018 -19 – Runners –up to Integrating Gender in Medical Education by CEHAT and OBGYN Department, Government Medical College, Aurangabad. Read more

Closing the gender pay gap in medicine

Leaders in academic medicine have been working to address salary inequities. A new AAMC report highlights the progress made to date — and the challenges yet to come. Read more

How to Confront a Gender Pay Gap Denier—And Win

Happy Equal Pay Day! It’s the day in the U.S. on which women mark the point where they have finally caught up to how much their male peers earned—last year. Read more

Gender-lens investing: Why women are increasingly front of mind for investors

Gender-lens investing incorporates an analysis of gender risks in investment decisions in the same way as an analysis of other risks. Read more

Why we need more family level policy changes

In April last year, the “two-finger test” on rape victims was banned by the High Court of Bangladesh stating it had no scientific or legal basis. Rights activists have long been insisting that the “two-finger test” was irrational and tantamount to a second rape of the victim. Read more

Gender Mainstreaming in Teacher Education

Mainstreaming gender in teacher education is crucial to promote gender equality, without which quality education cannot be achieved. Read more

Dr Meena Savjani of Rajawadi Hospital, Mumbai, was awarded the Dignity Award in the ‘Medical Service

In a proud moment for MCGM and CEHAT, Dr Meena Savjani of Rajawadi Hospital, Mumbai, was awarded the Dignity Award in the ‘Medical Service Provider’ category for her untiring efforts over the years towards ensuring comprehensive and gender-sensitive care for survivors of sexual violence. Read more



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