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Doctors for Daughters- Why do Daughters go Missing FAQ on Pre-Natal Sex Selection in India Missing Daughter

Category Institutinal_Papers | Publish By UNFPA

Sex selection is the practice of determining the sex of the unborn foetus and eliminating it if found to be female. How is sex selection done? In recent years, the use of ultrasound technology has bec...

Sustainable Rural Practice: successful strategies from male and female rural doctors, Executive Summary

Category Papers | Publish By Monash University

Integrating women into rural practice requires an understanding of the ways women work, and the similarities and differences with men. This study was undertaken to identify women’s experience, and tes...

Gender Bias in Medical Textbooks: Examples from Coronary Heart Disease, Depression, Alcohol Abuse and Pharmacology

Category Papers | Publish By Med Educ

This study aimed to review the availability and accessibility of gender-specific knowledge in current medical textbooks used in Dutch medical schools. Medicine has been criticised as being gender-bias...

Domestic Violence Toolkit for Health Care Providers

Category Papers | Publish By Kwantlen Polytechnic University

It discusses the importance of training for various sectors, including healthcare professionals, in order to understand and respond to domestic violence as well as better support victims (PODV, 2014)...

Gender in Medicine — Does it Matter?

Category Papers | Publish By Scandinavian Journal of Public Health

A broad range of socio-cultural issues have been recognized as determinants for health and disease. A notion of gender neutrality is still alive in the medical culture, suggesting that gender issues a...

Gender Medicine in GP Training

Category Papers | Publish By Radboud University, Nijmegen

For doctors it seems so normal to classify patients as men or women. And indeed many diseases, those related to reproduction, for instance, or thyroid gland disorders and various cancers, follow diff...

The Forensic Aspects of Sexual Violence

Category Papers | Publish By Clinical Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Complainants of sexual assault may disclose to different agencies, the police and health professionals being the most likely. It is possible for certain evidence types to be collected before a clinica...

Gender Differences in Health Care Seeking Behaviour of Tuberculosis Patients in Chandigarh

Category Papers | Publish By Indian Journal of Tuberculosis

Gender is a social determinant of health. In view of the substantial burden of tuberculosis (TB), it is important to look into the gender issues related to utilization of services. The aims of this pa...

Violence against Women in Health-Care Institutions: An Emerging Problem

Category Papers | Publish By The Lancet

Maternal morbidity and mortality in childbirth is a matter of utmost importance in public health. In this article, we argue that part of the problem lies in violence committed by health workers in ch...

The Medical Construction of Gender: Case Management of Intersexed Infants

Category Papers | Publish By Women science and technology

In this literature of intersexuality, issues such as announcing a baby's gender are discussed. The birth of intersexed infants has been documented throughout recorded time. In the late 20th century s...




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