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The Role of Gender in Mental-Illness Stigma

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The stigma of mental illness imposes substantial costs on both the individuals who experience mental illness as well as on society at large. Understanding the psychological underpinnings of this stigm...

Gender, Multiple Roles, Role Meaning and Mental Health

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This paper examines gender differences in the consequences of combining spouse, parent and worker roles for mental health. The Author suggests that work and family roles have different meanings for ma...

Gender Differences in Mental Health

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Effective strategies for mental disorders prevention and its risk factors’ reduction cannot be gender neutral, while the risks themselves are gender specific. This paper aims to discuss why gender ma...

Gender and Mental Health.

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This paper addresses the relationship between gender and mental health. First, the field of mental health and the concept of gender is introduced. This is followed by a discussion of the forms of gend...

Mental Health Research in India

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The monograph presents a series of studies that were carried out, these include studies of phenomenology, natural history and outcome of psychiatric disorders, Acute psychosis, Schizophrenia, Depressi...

Gender Equality and Pro-Poor Growth

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The report narrates that gender equality is not solely a fundamental human right but it is also essential for poverty reduction and sustained economic growth.

Gender Equality in the Arctic – Current Realities Future Challenges

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The conference was held in Akureyri, Iceland on 30-31 October 2014 with 150 participants representing various stakeholders from all member states of the Arctic Council: Canada, the Kingdom of Denmark...

Gender and Property Rights: A Critical Issue in Urban Economic Development

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The fundamental premise of this paper is that gender equality in property rights is critical not only as a human rights issue but also as a key driver of overall economic development, particularly i...

Gender Differences in Health: A Canadian Study of the Psycho-Social, Structural and Behavioural Determinants of Health

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This paper examines the extent to which these inequalities reflect the different social experiences and conditions of men’s and women’s lives. It address four specific questions. Are there gender diff...

Mental Health Aspects of wWmen’s Reproductive Health

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The paper reviews and examines all mental health aspects of reproductive health and functioning throughout the lifespan for both men and women. Such a review would consider in detail the relationships...




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