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Problems encountered by breastfeeding mothers in their practice of exclusive breast feeding in tertiary hospitals in Enugu State, South-east Nigeria

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This study determined the knowledge of mothers about exclusive breast feeding (EBF), identified the difficulties associated with psycho-socio-cultural values and investigated other problems the mother...

Practice of Giving Exclusive Breastfeeding Among the Babies of Working Mothers and House Wife Mothers - A Comparative Study

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The aim of the study was to see the status of exclusive breast feeding up to 6 month of age, among the babies of working mothers and housewife mothers and also to see different contributing factors am...

Assessment of Prevalence of Exclusive Breast Feeding Practice and Associated Factors among Under Six-Month-Old Children Selected Woreda South Nation Nationality of People Regional State, Ethiopia, 2016

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Exclusive Breast Feeding is feeding the infant only breast milk for six month. EBF practice is observed as a major public health intervention to reduce the child mortality and morbidity. It also, can...

Knowledge, Practices and Concerns Regarding Exclusive Breastfeeding for Six Months Among Mothers of Infants in a Suburban Setting in Sri Lanka

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The study assesses the knowledge, practices and concerns on six months exclusive breastfeeding among mothers. The current breast feeding rate and proportions exclusively breast fed were high. Know...

A Review Article : Myths, Beliefs and Malpractices Relating to Breastfeeding and Complementary Feeding Practices

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The aim of this study was to review the literature regarding myths, beliefs and practices relating to breastfeeding and complementary feeding in infants. Feeding practices of infants and children have...



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