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From Reproductive Health to Sexual Rights: Achievements and Future Challenges

Category Institutinal_Papers | Publish By Reproductive Health Matters

This paper aims to map recent changes in discourse on sexuality and reproduction and identify new conceptual perspectives on gender and sexuality. First, it examines the etymology of recently legitimi...

Genders, Sexes And Health: What are the Connections and Why does it Matter?

Category Institutinal_Papers | Publish By International Journal of Epidemiology

Open up any biomedical or public health journal prior to the 1970s, and one term will be glaringly absent: gender. Open up any recent biomedical or public health journal, and two terms will be used...

Unequal, Unfair, Ineffective and Inefficient Gender Inequity in Health: Why It Exists and How We Can Change it

Category Institutinal_Papers | Publish By Women and Gender Equity Knowledge Network - WHO

Gender inequality damages the health of millions of girls and women across the globe. It can also be harmful to men’s health despite the many tangible benefits it gives men through resources, power, a...

A Summary Report of “New Evidence” that Gender Perspectives Improve Reproductive Health Outcomes

Category Institutinal_Papers | Publish By Population Reference Bureau, Washington, D.C.

In 2004, the Interagency Gender Working Group, funded by the United States Agency for International Development, published The "So What?" Report: A Look at Whether Integrating a Gender Focus into Prog...

Integrating Gender into the Curricula for Health Professionals

Category Institutinal_Papers | Publish By Department of Gender, Women and Health, WHO

In 2002, WHO organised a meeting with a view of the centrality of integrating gender considerations into the curricula for health professionals to ensure that these are addressed in health policies an...

Gender and Medicine: A Conceptual Guide for Medical Educators

Category Institutinal_Papers | Publish By Monash University School of Rural Health

The number of papers appearing in medical journals and the medical education literature about clinical implications of gender differences between men and women is increasing. Despite the interest, the...

Need for Gender Sensitive Approaches for Improving Women’s Reproductive Healthcare Services

Category Institutinal_Papers | Publish By Indian Statistical Institute

In India, gender inequality, limited access to healthcare facilities and economic resources are greatly facilitating the spread of reproductive tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases for p...

Addressing Gender Inequalities: Strengthening HIV/AIDS Programming for Women and Girls

Category Institutinal_Papers | Publish By World Health Organisation

This brief provides technical information to support proposals to improve the access to and quality of HIV prevention, treatment and care programmes for women and girls though approaches that address...

Gender and HIV/AIDS

Category Institutinal_Papers | Publish By World Health Organisation

Globally, the number of people living with HIV/AIDS stood at 42 million at the end of 2002, 5 million of them newly infected during the course of that year. Sub-Saharan Africa is by far the most affec...

Women, Medicine and Politics of Gender: Institution of Traditional Midwives in Twentieth Century Bengal

Category Institutinal_Papers | Publish By Institute of Development Studies Kolkata

Women’s role in biological reproduction is recognized in the Indian society over and above their contributions to social reproduction. For ages, Dais – the traditional midwives - have played important...




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