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Why are sex-selective abortions still prevalent in India?
A video giving information on sex-selective abortions, by Mary John a Professor with Centre for Women's Development Studies.
Mary John
31 Jul 2020
The Swaddle
The history of India's skewed sex ratio
A video giving information on India's skewed sex ratio, by Mary John a Professor with Centre for Women's Development Studies.
Mary John
29 Jul 2020
The Swaddle
Gender Equality and Women’s Human Rights: Essential in Achieving Sustainable Development in Small island Developing States and Globally
The WMG advocates at this meeting affirm the inclusion of gender equality in the regional outcomes statements and call for further strengthening in the Interregional statement, calling for the inclusion of gender equality and women's rights as one of the explicit goals of the Outcome statement.
Women’s Major Group .
10 Jun 2013
Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform – UNHQ
Engaging Men and Boys for Gender Equality and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
This tool is a living document that provides guidance on good partnership practices that promote strong relationships between civil society organizations and government representatives on engaging men and boys in gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). Its goal is to strengthen these partnerships in order to enable the scale up and/or institutionalization of evidence-based approaches to engaging men and boys. This tool is not meant to be a comprehensive ‘how to’ on
Promundo Global
01 Jan 2017
Promundo Global
Nova Scotia’s Strategy on HIV/AIDS – Gender Based Analysis
Gender equity, cultural diversity and social inclusion must specifically to be taken into account if government policies and programs are to be effective in meeting the needs of those they are intended to serve. The remainder of this document is the first step in the process of conducting a gender-based analysis of Nova Scotia’s Strategy on HIV/AIDS. This document is a work in progress and provides an indication of some of the more important gender-relevant issues that should be considered and a
Nova Scotia Advisory Council
01 Feb 2005
Nova Scotia Advisory Council
Gender Equality and HIV Indicators
The compendium of indicators covers programmatic areas vital to the intersection of gender and HIV. Each of these programmatic areas includes a number of indicators that may be used at national, regional or programmatic levels. The indicators in the compendium are all either part of existing indicators used in studies or by countries or have been adapted from existing indicators to address the intersection of gender and HIV. The indicators can be measured through existing data collection and inf
Shelah S. Bloom, Svetlana Negroustoueva
01 Nov 2013



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