Research Papers
Intimate Partner Violence - Effects on Women
This final thesis is a descriptive literature review on the effects of intimate partner violence on women. The purpose is to describe the effects of intimate partner violence on women. Health care professionals often do not have the knowledge to recognize the victims and help prevent domestic abuse and therefore the aim is to create data for health care professionals, students and other officials who encounter these victims. The ultimate aim is to produce basic knowledge for the Daphne-project t
Minna Tetri, Hanna Mönttinen
01 Apr 2016
Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
Violence Against Women.
Violence against women affects women everywhere. It impacts women’s health, hampers their ability to participate fully in society, affects their enjoyment of sexual and reproductive health and rights, and is a source of tremendous physical and psychological suffering for both women and their families.
United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner
01 Jan 2010
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
Excess Under-5 Female Mortality Across India: A Spatial Analysis Using 2011 Census Data
Excess female mortality causes half of the missing women (estimated deficit of women in countries with suspiciously low proportion of females in their population) today. Globally, most of these avoidable deaths of women occur during childhood in China and India. The paper aimed to estimate excess female under-5 mortality rate (U5MR) for India's 35 states and union territories and 640 districts.
Christophe Z. Guilmoto, Nandita Saikia,
01 Jun 2018
The Lancet - Global Health
Health and the Primary Prevention of Violence against Women
This position paper focuses on the primary prevention of violence perpetrated by men against women. It develops a position on primary prevention (as distinct from secondary and tertiary interventions). It also identifies examples of good practice across settings, and factors for success for primary prevention programs. The paper has been developed as a resource for public education, debate and community activities related to the primary prevention of violence against women.
Australian Women’s Health Network (AWHN)
01 Jan 2014
Australian Women’s Health Network (AWHN)
Research on Violence Against Women and Family Violence: The Challenges and the Promise
This advocacy-oriented research has resulted in a particular scientific agenda and an unusual relationship among funders, researchers, and practitioner advocates. At best, this relationship attempts to build in systems of accountability, fosters dialogue, and facilitates a sense that research must be linked to practice. It also lends itself to a critical approach to evaluating the national research agenda. There are, however, significant gaps in the research agenda that point to opportunities fo
Beth E. Richie
01 Jan 2004
National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS)
Real Social Change Women’s Health Care Research Moves Forward While Advocates See New Needs
Women lawyers were pivotal in legal changes that altered inequities in health research, and as members of a stressful profession that places extra strains on health, they reap particular benefits, as well. In addition, women lawyers are critical to helping others pierce tangles of confusing information about health care treatment and making well-founded decisions in their lives.
Cynthia L. Cooper
01 Sep 2010
American Bar Association