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Responding to Children: Strengthening Statutory (Child Protection) and Non-Statutory Work with Victims (Women and Children) and Perpetrators in the Context of Domestic and Family Violence

University of Melbourne | June, 01 , 2015
Cathy Humphreys, Lucy Healey, Kristin Diemer | Download (0)
This submission paper draws from 20 years of training, writing, researching in the area of children and domestic violence. Relevant research includes: ‘Talking to My Mum: An action research program to strengthen the mother-child relationship in the aftermath of domestic violence; a UK project contracted by the Lord Chancellor’s Department, Identifying thresholds: arrangements for contact in the context of domestic violence and child welfare concerns; The L17 Triage demonstration project; the ARC linkage grant: Fathering Challenges: Promoting responsive, reparative, responsible fathering in the context of domestic and family violence. Three articles are attached.


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